Management team

Our experienced scientific team is managed by Serge Calet and Clément Mahatsekake.

Serge Calet – C.E.O. & founder

Serge Calet

Serge Calet is C.E.O. and founder of Holochem.

Serge has a PhD in Chemistry. He previously worked for Sanofi for 20 years and has deep industry experience and strong knowledge in regulatory preclinical development. Serge has 10 years of operational experience and recognized expertise in managing and structuring small biotech companies (Holis Technologies, SC2S and IMD-Pharma).

Serge values open communication and establishing long-term relations based on trust and mutual benefit.

Serge is synonymous with reliability and reactivity. A relatively simple quote? Serge gets it to you within a day. A quote for a complex multi-step synthesis? Let’s say a week, earlier whenever possible. Serge commits to getting back to you on this or that by then? Then you can count on it!

Clément Mahatsekake – C.S.O.

Clément Mahatsekake is Chief Scientific Officer of Holochem. Clément has a PhD in Chemistry. He previously worked for the academic R&D Institute CERMN and companies Syntheval and Borochem. Clément has in-depth scientific know-how in boron chemistry and 25 years of operational experience.

Clément loves challenges. Synthesis challenges above all, of course. His experience and deep technical know-how get him to tackle even the nastiest bottleneck. Associate huge problem solving skills with great human values and you get Clément. Highly appreciated by both team and customers!