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Analytical Development Team Leader

We are seeking an Analytical Development Team Leader who will be responsible for building and leading a team in the development and evaluation of analytical methods, to support pharma development and manufacture of small batches. The Analytical Development Team Leader will be responsible for small-molecule-based development in an exciting product development environment and within a growing CRO organization.

This position is a permanent position based in Val-de-Reuil, West of Paris.

As Analytical Development Team Leader you will:

  • Manage an analytical development team
  • Provide technical and scientific leadership in relation to method transfer/qualification/validation
  • Support commercial activities as appropriate
  • Develop robust analytical methods (LC/GC)

You will bring to this role:

  • Minimum degree qualification in an appropriate scientific discipline – ideally PhD
  • Broad knowledge of analytical development relating to pharma products

The ideal candidate will be highly motivated and able to demonstrate previous accomplishments in a changing and competitive environment.

To apply, please send you letter and CV to: contact @

Process Chemistry Team Leader

We are seeking a Process Chemistry Team Leader to develop our laboratory manufacturing to a 20L scale. The role involves responsibilities across various stages of Chemical Development, from route selection, risk assessment and custom manufacturing up to the kilo-scale. In addition you will be expected to take a leading role with regards to the practical lab work and administration.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A PhD degree with focus on organic chemistry
  • Relevant industrial experience: it would be a great advantage if you also have experience working in pilot plant settings and working under GMP
  • Strong understanding of process development and pharmaceutical organic chemistry
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working at 20L scale with multi-step syntheses
  • A proven history of developing robust kilo-lab processes including modifying procedures to meet the process, cost and safety constraints
  • Management and troubleshooting experience of typical kilo lab problems
  • Enthusiasm and the desire to deliver on time and within specifications

You are able to work within a team, be self-motivated, enthusiastic and work with the minimum of supervision, often under pressure to meet deadlines.

This position is based in Val-de-Rueil, France.

To apply, please send you letter and CV to: contact @

Chemistry Laboratory Technicians

We are seeking Chemistry lab technicians who generally work alongside chemists and other technicians. Typical job duties include organizing the lab workspace, maintaining cleanliness of equipment, creating chemical solutions, and performing chemical experiments. With job experience and skill level, you may advance to designing your own experiments and creating new chemical formulas.

You may work in a Research & Development lab, helping to create and analyze new chemical entities. You’re also responsible for presenting the results of your work, through graphs and reports, with explanations that are comprehensible for non-scientists.

Education and Training:

  • A 3-year degree program in chemical laboratory technology, likely include courses in chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, and instrumental analysis.
  • You’ll need to learn lab procedures and safety protocols specific to the industry in which you’re working

Important Skills and Qualities:

  • Chemistry laboratory technicians must have high-level laboratory skills: you’ll need to know how to use various types of equipment
  • Knowledge of common lab procedures, like spectroscopy, chemical separation, and chromatography, is necessary
  • In addition to technical know-how, precise measurements and attention to detail during experiments are crucial to producing accurate results
  • You need strong reasoning and writing skills to accurately convey the results in lab reports
  • As you’ll usually work in a team with supervising chemists and other lab technicians, clear spoken communication skills and willingness to collaborate are necessary

All positions are based in Val-de-Rueil, France.