PANIPAC project selected

November 2018

Photoactivable nanoparticles to immunostimulate the tumour micro-environment in pancreatic cancer

Holochem will participate in the PANIPAC project that has been selected for funding under the framework of the ERA-NET EuroNanoMed III European Innovative Research & Technological Development projects in Nanomedicine.

The PANIPAC project is coordinated by the CIBER Center for Biomedical Research Network with the objective to develop photoactivable nanoparticles to immunostimulate the tumor micro-environment in pancreatic cancer.

There is a pressing medical need to develop innovative therapeutic approaches to improve the outcome and survival of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) patients. To meet this aim, PANIPAC proposes the development of photoactivable nanoemulsions made of bioactive sphingolipids, which via a dual mechanism of action should increase the immunogenicity of pancreatic tumours. This goal can be achieved by i) reverting the tolerogenic/ immunosuppressive tumour microenvironment of pancreatic cancer by modulating the phenotype of tumor-associated immune cells, and ii) mediating the infiltration of T effector lymphocytes to reset the immunogenicity of pancreatic tumours, and make them candidates for the development of combinatory therapies with checkpoint inhibitors and/or other immune therapies such as bispecific antibodies. If successful, the project would have an enormous socio-economic impact worldwide.

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