METASTARG project selected

November 2018

Targeted multifunctional nanoemulsions to interrupt metastasis progression

Holochem will participate in the METASTARG project that has been selected for funding under the framework of the ERA-NET EuroNanoMed III European Innovative Research & Technological Development projects in Nanomedicine.

The METASTARG project is coordinated by the ONCOMET Translational medical Oncology Group with the objective to develop nanoparticles loaded with adenosine to protect this molecule from rapid degradation and thus interrupt metastasis progression.

The project addresses an important, so far unmet medical need. METASTARG is an innovative solution relying on nanotechnology for the early detection and treatment of OM to cause a direct impact in patient survival, quality of life, and health- economics. METASTARG Nanoemulsions are developed to identify OM by novel characteristic targets found in metastatic cells and Interrupt Metastasis Progression (NIMPs). This unique patient-driven approach has the potential to become a gold standard in the treatment and monitoring of NSCLC cancer.

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